Hong Kong Bookstore: The Book Attic (書閣)


The Book Attic is a Hong Kong used English bookstore. It’s a nice place to browse the shelves full of gently used books. in 2010 CNN selected The Book Attic as one of the ten best individual bookstores in Hong Kong. The owner welcomes browsers. The Book Attic runs book and poetry clubs on a regular basis for adults and children.

The Book Attic (書閣)是一家專營英文舊書的香港書店,位於中環伊利近街2號閣樓。書店環境優雅,經常組織讀書會等活動。

Bookstore Location:

Cockloft, 2 Elgin Street

Centrial, Hong Kong (Map)

Tel: (+852) 2259 3103.

Website: http://www.bookattic.info/